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photo credit Nick Upton

Flying free!

12th August 2019

We are delighted to tell you that a group of 24 juvenile white storks has been released at the Knepp. The birds were hatched and raised at Cotswold Wildlife Park earlier this summer, before being transported to Knepp. They were initially kept in captivity while they became accustomed to their new surroundings before being released earlier this week. The storks are currently settling in to their new home, but how long they will stay at the site no one knows!

Photo credit: Nick Upton


Special Delivery!

1st August 2019

The team at Knepp received an exciting delivery from Cotswold Wildlife Park this morning. We are delighted to say that 24 juvenile storks are now settling in, before they are released later this month!

July clipped bird release knepp.jpg

and they’re off!

10th July 2019

After being given health checks, the adult storks which had been kept in a specially designed closed pen at Knepp have just been released in to the larger open pen. These birds are already exploring their new surroundings and over the next few months will start dispersing further.

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4th July 2019

Our Project Officer, Lucy, delivered the first in a series of awarness raising events for people local to Knepp about the project. The Stork Talk & Walk proivided them with an opportunity to find out about the species, plans for the project, and ask any questions that they have, plus gave them a chance to see the storks at Knepp.


Fundraising page

8th July 2019

We have just raised over £6,000 for the project! A huge thank you to all those people who have donated so far! This will be used to help us monitor the storks in the wild, plus also to help us deliver a wider programme of public engagement activities, including visiting schools to talk to children about the project.


White storks on Springwatch!

11th June 2019

The BBC came to film a section for this year’s Springwatch. Check out a snippet from the programme here.


Nest update

3rd June 2019

Towards the end of May, the team at Knepp were keeping a close eye on the nesting white storks due to some observed changes in their behaviour. The eggs were due to start hatching around this time and the female was seen sitting tight on the nest during a period of rainfall on Wednesday 29th May. However, she was seen leaving the nest around lunchtime the following day and although the pair visited the nest a number of times after that, there were no sightings of them sitting at all. We have therefore concluded that, sadly, they have failed to hatch or rear young.

Although this news is disappointing, it is not unexpected due to the immaturity of the pair, with this being their first breeding attempt.



3rd May 2019

Perhaps for the first time since the civil war (1640 – 1648) we have white storks attempting to nest in southern Britain. The nest has been checked and we are pleased to report that there are currently three eggs being incubated.

Lucy Groves 1.JPG

Introducing our new project officer

22nd April 2019

We are delighted to introduce you to our brand new White Stork Project Officer! Lucy Groves has joined the team and she will be responsible for much of the post-release stork monitoring, as well as delivering the public engagement activities. Lucy is a conservation biologist local to Knepp and she is also a Safari guide for the estate, so she knows all about the site and the rewilding project!


over 70 eggs at Cotswold wildlife park

19th April 2019

The team at the Cotswold Wildlife Park is thrilled that the very young flock of white storks that it has at the park is producing a bumper crop of eggs this year. Some of them have hatched already!


swedish storks

The stork team went to investigate the successful Swedish reintroduction of white storks