It all started when…

The partnership formed as a result of wanting to find a way to engage people and nature. An obvious animal to do this with is the white stork.

Our stork collective is made up of landowners providing the funding for individual release pens and a number of wildlife organisations providing technical knowhow.


Knepp Estate in West Sussex provides the overall project vision. This is the primary release site for white storks, where some birds are managed in captivity.

Wadhurst Park.PNG

Wadhurst Park Estate in East Sussex is one of the release sites and provides captive management of some birds.


Wintershall Estate in Surrey is one of the release sites and provides captive management of some birds.


Cotswold Wildlife Park joined the project in early 2016. The team there provides essential husbandry expertise and they have a captive population of white storks from which birds are provided for release.


Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation is dedicated to wildlife conservation and research, with a special emphasis on species recovery projects and the restoration of natural ecosystems. Its technical reintroduction project expertise is invaluable to the project.


International environmental charity, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, joined the project in 2018. Durrell provides the post-release stork monitoring expertise, public engagement work, and more recently have taken the role of coordinating the overall project.


Zoo Warszawa provided the rehabilitated storks for the project.